by Danny Dudas on July 21, 2021

A dually is truck that uses four rear wheels — two on each side of the axle. Dually owners are a breed apart.

A custom dually rim is something that only a true dually lover can appreciate. While the words “cheap”, “aluminum” and “dually” are rarely used in the same sentence, the joy of seeing your dually rims gleam in the light, and the great ride and handling that duallies can provide, are priceless.

One of the most conspicuous features of any vehicle is its wheel rims. Most style-aware drivers install rims on their cars to give them a different look, to convert the stock tire package into something with pizzazz. An eye-catching set of custom rims will surely draw attention, giving your dually a unique, individualized look that will turn heads.

It’s ironic that when drivers think of improving their vehicles, wheels are the last things they think about, though wheels are actually the first thing most people notice. The rims available today are light alloy rims and pressed-steel custom wheels. These rim types are said to dissipate heat and increase gas mileage.

Rim designs range widely. Some spin independently of the actual movement of the wheel, some are made of alloy, some are chromed and some are painted. Custom chrome rims add an extra sparkle that is unlike any other truck accessory.

Rim spinners can also add style to a dually. They spin independently of the vehicle’s movement, adding apparent motion that leaves passersby impressed.

Light-alloy cast rims will also leave an impression on viewers. These rims offer the advantage of lighter weight than other of rims and are the best option for driving on curvy mountain roads, or in the traffic congestion of the city.