by Danny Dudas on July 20, 2021

For over 25 years, quality wheel simulators has been the main driving force and focus at Pacific Dualies. From engineering and designing to manufacturing and distribution, Pacific Dualies constantly keeps our customers’ best interests in mind. The results show through our countless satisfied customers.

In a market where most manufacturers are focused on increasing profits through volume at the cost of product and service quality; Pacific Dualies has and will always manufacture quality products and provide customers with unmatched customer service and support.

When purchasing Wheel Simulators and accessories for your Truck, Motor home, RV or Dually vehicle we have provided some key factors customers should always consider.

Quality vs. Quantity

  • “Bigger is Better” — Superior Material
  • “Staying Fit” — Accurate and Precise Size
  • “Mirror, Mirror on the wall” – Polish and Finish
  • “Quality is Priceless” – Credibility and Reliability


When spending money, always know what you’re buying. When it comes to Wheel Simulators careful consideration should be given to the type of material used to manufacture the product.

Pacific Dualies uses a thick industrial grade Stainless Steel that gives your wheels a deep, clear chrome look with a long lasting shine given reinforced by our experienced polishing techniques. Further, thick gauge stainless steel allows for a sturdier and more durable wheel cover that can help to anticipate the normal wear and tear of the everyday road. Pacific Dualies uses true 304 or T304 stainless steel that contains at least about 18% chromium to steel which is what ensures that a thin invisible layer of chrome-containing oxide (passive film) is created and protects the surface of the wheel simulators.

Competitor wheel simulator brands may use a combination of a thinner stainless steel or decorative grades of Stainless Steel (type 430) that allows for more cost effective production costs. Thinner stainless steel can give off a duller and shallower chrome look and furthermore, may dent and scratch more easily with normal road debris. Lower quality grades of stainless steel may look somewhat similar to higher grades at first, but should generally be used for indoor applications because they are far more susceptible to rusting and scratching due to levels of chromium to steel at around 12%.

Pacific Dualies wheel simulators use only 304 or T304 Stainless Steel (industrial grade), 22 Gauge (0.644MM thickness)

Competitor brand wheel simulators may use a variety of 202, 430 and inferior 304 Stainless Steel (decorative grades), 28 Gauge (0.405MM thickness)


At Pacific Dualies we stay “fit” on our knowledge of new wheels and wheel sizes by constantly keeping our ears to the ground so we are up-to-date with new industry wheel applications. It is important that customers realize that safety issues can arise from using wheel simulators that are not properly sized and designed to fit the OEM wheel. While Pacific Dualies is committed to providing the ultimate chrome-look experience, we are equally committed to the safety of our customers and the reliability of our products.

Pacific Dualies wheel simulators are all manufactured with precision and accuracy so that they have a close fit to your OEM wheel. With 25 years of experience in manufacturing wheel simulators, Pacific Dualies is constantly on top of changes made by the OEMs on existing and new dually wheel applications. This is extremely important because oversized or undersized wheel simulators can cause severe damage to the OEM wheels or tires. Further, Pacific Dualies wheel simulators are manufactured to fit flush to the contour of your OEM wheel.

Competitor brand wheel simulators may vary in the specific fit for any wheel application. This can be due to a number of manufacturing reasons but it all comes back to quality. Some competitor brands do not offer a flush fit to the contour of the wheel and at times are as much as 3″ shallower than Pacific Dualies wheel simulators. Many competitor brands are focused on producing quantity and moreover don’t have the years of experience and related technical knowledge to produce quality wheel simulators.

Pacific Dualies Brand wheel simulators precisely fits the rim diameter (left image) and runs deep to the contour of the OEM wheel (right image).

Precise fit with OEM rim Accurate deeper wheel simulator

Competitor brand simulators can overlap the OEM rim from 1/16″ gap up to a 3″ gap (left image) and has a much shallower

non-contour fit to the OEM wheel (right image).

Incorrect OEM rim overlap Incorrect shallow wheel simulator


Polishing is an extremely time consuming process and the quality of the polish is dependent on various factors which include the types of polishing machinery, polishing fabric and total polish time. Over the past 25 years, we have fine-tuned our processes and techniques to offer one of the highest quality mirror-like polishes in the industry.

It is also in the best interests of our customers to apply Pacific Dualies Stainless Steel Polish Creme to wheel simulators in order to help maintain and continue the high quality, bright chrome shine.

Competitor brands may control costs by using inferior machinery and techniques or just spend less time with the polishing wheel on a given product. There are many shortcuts but in the end it all comes back to quality versus quantity.

Pacific Dualies smooth, even, deep, mirror chrome-like polish

Clear and smooth polish Brighter and bolder shine

Competitor brand patchy, dull, shallow and murky polish

Rougher polish Dull and softer shine


Pacific Dualies has been manufacturing and distributing dually wheel simulators for over 25 years. Beyond having a quality product inside and out, we pride ourselves on the high-level of customer service and support. Our vast industry experience allows us to provide customers with the relevent answers and bring quick resolution to various questions.

Pacific Dualies stands by all of its wheel simulators with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is offered to customers to guarantee longevity in polish and durability of the product. At anytime if our products do not stand up to our quality simply return them to us!

When choosing wheel simulators for your truck put your trust in a quality product and go with Pacific Dualies stainless steel Wheel Simulators.